Japanese Food

Japanese restaurants are so popular in UAE and Taste Masters caters to the mounting needs of the numerous hotels and restaurants by providing the essential ingredients and raw materials imported straight from Japan. 

We introduce the range of authentic Japanese food products.


The growing range now includes ingredients for sushi, sauces, soups, rice and noodles.

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Korean Food

Taste Masters brings the taste of Korea to the UAE to satiates the palates of the Korean population in the UAE. Imported directly from Korea, We are offering the full range of Korean food products.

We bring the most delicious & nutritious quality ramyun noodles to reward customers ceaseless love.

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Chinese Food

The flavor of Chinese oriental cuisine salivates the tounges of all nationalities residing in the UAE. Many food products supplied by Taste Masters find their way into the kitchens of Chinese restaurants. Taste Masters deals with numerous Chinese food products.

Mushroom champignon fungi for fungal fruiting bodies of plant gate is Basidiomycetes Agaricales Division is one of the world’s leading mushroom. It contains a unique flavor – mushroom essence, forms a unique mushroom incense, so-called “mushrooms”.

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About Tastemasters

Taste Masters LLC is a limited liability company trading in specialty food products. Chief activity includes importing food products from Japan, Korea and China and supplying to Emirates Flight Catering, Etihad Airport Services Catering and various Japanese, Korean and Chinese restaurants in the UAE and other Middle East countries. The company is based in Dubai with the office and warehouse at Dubai Investment Park 2. We have provisions for dry stores as well as frozen stores maintained at -18 ° C. 

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